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  • Service Location Protocol
    ...specific and named entity on a local network of any extension, and that is not any geographic or otherwise topographic or geometric location. ... special URL scheme "service:" is used by the printer. "service:" URLs are not required: any URL scheme can be used, but they allow you to search for all
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    Not implemented yet.
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  • LIO
    ...SCSI target core does not directly communicate with initiators and it does not directly access data on disk. {{Ambox| type=warning| head=Do not use buffered FILEIO| text=Creating a FILEIO backend with ''buffered=True''
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  • VMware ESX
    ESX 4 does not use [[SPC-3]] and above [[Persistent Reservations]] (PRs) for controlling [ ESX 4 does not use [[SPC-3]] and above [[Asymmetric Logical Unit Assignment]]s (ALUA) for
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  • ISCSI Extensions for RDMA
    ...TS releases|iSER|module_repo}}, see {{RTS releases|iSER|module_info}}) was implemented as a joint development effort between {{RTS full}} and [ ...irements. This creates significant security and data integrity hazards. Do not do this for production setups, unless you are certain of what you are doing
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  • Targetcli
    Note that /etc/init.d/target will automatically mount [[configFS]] if it's not already been mounted by /etc/fstab or manually by user. whether or not we should generate a T10 wwn Serial for the unit (by default,
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  • Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
    ...IRM AND DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL SERVICES. DISTRIBUTION OF THIS LICENSE DOES NOT CREATE AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP. CREATIVE COMMONS PROVIDES THIS INFO ...d from the original, except that a work that constitutes a Collection will not be considered an Adaptation for the purpose of this License. For the avoida
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